10 Simple Ways To Eat More Protein

Easy ways beyond the usual chicken and salmon to get more protein in your diet.
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Posted 23 Oct, 2013

A handful of nuts like almonds, walnuts or pistachios. Watch out for the calories as 12 almonds have 170 calories and if you have too many you can add extra weight.

Posted 14 Oct, 2013

Move over canned tuna, and make room for sardines, a very good protein resource and high in calcium too... they are excellent on top of green lettuce in a salad with a squeeze of fresh lemon!

Posted 05 Oct, 2013

Ah-haaa! I remember these ideas! Sometimes I think we just need our memories jogged a bit to remember how easy it can be to incorporate healthy snacks (and meals) into our busy lives. These are good-tasting, inexpensive suggestions, too. I'm currently on Weight Watchers, and I think these ideas will fit easily into my meal 'plans'. Thank you!

Posted 06 Oct, 2013

Great ideas ! Also, a lot of north Indian vegetarian dishes use chick peas, legumes, beans, cottage cheese as the main ingredients. Some of these gravy based dishes are Chhole (garbanzo beans cooked with onions, tomatoes and spices) Rajmah(kidney beans cooked with onions, tomatoes and spices), Paneer tikka (cottage cheese in onion tomato gravy) and are best enjoyed with naan or whole wheat parathas(whole wheat flatbread).

Posted 30 Sep, 2013

good ideas - thank you